History of FIMDV - The begining of new culture

posted on 28/05/2012 by admin


It is well known that the Indian community in Victoria is enriched by the presence of several music and dance schools led by eminent artistes of Indian music and dance of various forms, be they classical or contemporary. These schools have, over the past several years and decades, been active in developing the next generation of talented musicians / dancers and organising concerts and performances. Individually each of these leaders and their schools have made a mark for themselves in this respect.

With the foresight and initiative of the President of FIAV(Federation of Indian Association-Victoria), Mr Vasan Srinivasan, and current President of FIMDV(Federation of Indian Association-Victoria) Mr. Murali Kumar a new organisation called the Federation of Indian Music and Dance (FIMDV) was established, which brings together in one unified group the various Indian music / dance schools and their leaders. The formation of FIMDV is unique and worth celebrating for various reasons, primarily because this is the first time in Victoria (and possibly anywhere in Australia) that celebrated artistes
of Indian music / dance have come together in one united front. The membership of FIMD is a veritable who’s-who of people of Indian origin in Victoria who have distinguished themselves as performers and teachers of Indian music and dance of various forms. It is also worth noting that the FIMD will embrace all forms of Indian music and dance; to name a few these include classical music forms such as Carnatic music and Hindustani music, classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Mohini Attam as well as contemporary popular forms such as Bollywood music / dance.


  • FIMD will be a means to unify the Indian music and dance community in Victoria.
  • Give something back to the community, providing a platform for doing our bit in multicultural Victoria.
  • Present a cohesive body of Indian music and dance to the wider Victorian community
  • The FIMD Victoria plans to organise regular events featuring Indian music and dance, with the support of the government and VMC.