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Arangetram is a tamil word.Aranga meaning raised floor and Etram meaning climbing in Tamil,one of the south

indian languages. It is also called Rangapravesha in Kannada, another south indian language, Ranga meaning 

Stage and Pravesha meaning Enter. Ideally this should be the first public performance of an artist. After learning 

bharatanatyam under the guidance of an accomplished guru, this is the occation for the proud guru to present 

his/her deciple to the public. This is the testing time for both the guru & the shishya(deciple) as the guru’s 

knowledge & the deciple’s talent both are judged by the public. Hence, the guru will decide when the deciple is 

ready for public appearence. Atleast 10 - 12 years of training is necessary to give a comendable performance.